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Scientology unit for floods

Anthea Gleeson | 31st January 2011

THE Scientology Disaster Response Unit has been activated to the Lockyer Valley.

The national organisation has a database of volunteers ready, willing and able to be deployed to places in Australia, New Zealand and in the Pacific during times of crisis.

Currently there are 20 people from across the nation stationed in the Lockyer Valley, helping with clean-up efforts.

“Our people are available at a drop of a hat to go into an area,” program co-ordinator Kevin Chapman said.

Mr Chapman said his unit provided counselling services as well as clean-up muscle.

“We are not there to promote or sell any ideals. We are sent in to help whether that is helping little old ladies to the supermarket, cleaning or food and water distribution.

“Our volunteers are saying that there is just a lot of mud and mess.

“The work is going to take few months.”

Peter Dunn of Adelaide was stationed in Helidon for a few days last week. He arrived in the Lockyer Valley after spending five days in Brisbane.

“They seemed to need a bit of a hand.”

Lending a hand to clean-up flood devastated Queensland are (from, left) Svetlana Zaharova, Rolands Bricis, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, Jason Best, Peter Dunn, Julie Attwood and Jessica Plattner.

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