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The collection will be periodically added to. 

American Chronicle Sept. 28 2007: A Surprising Australian Welcome to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Outback Goodwill Tour

The TRUTH About Drugs DVD for sale. Winner of the ADDY AWARD 2008 for Public Service Campaign.

Scientologists Heal By Touch. Using the Touch Assist Scientologists are giving relief in Haiti to victims of the earth quake. 24 January 2010

John Travolta Flies Aide To Haiti. John Travolta flies in Volunteer Ministers, medical aid and military rations aboard his own private 707 jet. 27 January 2010

"I was like a commander." John Travolta speaks of his flight leading the Scientology  mission in Haiti to help the earthquake victims.  3 February 2010.

A US Special Forces soldier writes on his blog about working with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Haiti 6 February 2010

Scientology Volunteers in action around Australia. Drug awareness, human rights and other activities. 16 March 2010

Haiti life boat of volunteers setting sail to Haiti. Church of scientology volunteers continue their work. March 2010

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