CELEBRITY ARCHIVE


Herein is a small but widespread collection of Scientology celebrity media from 2007 to 2010. The collection will be periodically added to. 

Suri Cruise to start five-days-a-week Scientology training By Katie Nicholl Last updated at 12:29 AM on 12th April 2009.

ABC News (Australia). Elfman slams Scientology critics. Posted Thu Oct 30, 2008 3:15pm AEDT. US actress and high-profile Scientologist Jenna Elfman has no time for people who criticize.

ENTERTAINMENT WISE Katie Holmes Jokes About Scientology 'Liquid Diet' The actress makes fun of the rumours...  Tuesday 17 mar 2009.

Lisa Marie Presley Defends Scientology January 7th, 2009 8:34am EST
Lisa Marie Presley LOS ANGELES (AP) — Lisa Marie Presley is expressing her condolences over Jett Travolta's death and defending Scientology, the religion that Presley, John Travolta and Kelly Preston follow.

Addresses Questions About Church Spreading Since Jett Travolta Died. Explains Views On Afterlife, Grieving, Autism, More.

What's a Scientology Funeral Like? Mon., Jan. 5, 2009 12:48 PM PST by Leslie Gornstein. Given the sad news about Jett Travolta, I got to wondering: What is a Scientology funeral like?

Thursday, 8 January 2009 11:53 PM. Cruise defends Scientology after 'horrific' Travolta death.

John Travolta speaks with tears of the loss of his son on talk show and thanks fans for their support. 15 nov 2009

John Travolta Fies Aide To Haiti. John Travolta flies in Volunteer Ministers, medical aid and military rations aboard his own private 707 jet. 27 January 2010

"I was like a commander." John Travolta speaks of his flight leading the Scientology  mission in Haiti to help the earthquake victims.  3 February 2010.

John Travolta speaks about how Scientology helped him over his loss during his son's death. 28 March 2010

Scientology saved my life, says Juliet lewis. She cannot understand the way Scientology is portrayed in the media. 

Meet a Scientologist - Bernie Lowenstein. 13 October 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - Clare Trafford. October 15 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - Guy Taylor. 12 Octover 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - Jule Rotenberg. 9 October 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - julietta Gil. 7 October 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - Nadia Eliaz. 23 October 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - Paul Ceberano. 11 October 2010.

Meet a Scientologist - Sophii Kenard. 11  October 2010.

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